samedi 3 mars 2012

Ladies & The City, Yin Xin, and Valeriy Zharkikh

Today, Art Monaco 2012 is proud to present Ladies & The City, Yin Xin, and Valeriy Zharkikh. Check out our page twice a week for sneak previews of what exhibitors will rocking the Grimaldi Forum from April 5th to April 8th!

Ladies & The City is an organization geared towards improving the lives of women, specifically, the physical and spiritual health, well-being, social connectedness and sense of self-esteem. At this years exhibition, Ladies & The City will be presenting an oil painting of Priscilla Vincens named De Profundis III .

Yin Xin was born in Kashgar, Chinese Turkestan. He began his career painting Communist political slogans on walls in China during the Cultural Revolution without comprehending their significance.. After completing art school in Xian, he travelled around the world exhibiting his work, eventually settling in Paris in 1994 to live and work. Paris opened up to him and he instantly felt that he had finally found home. His creative life and the rest of his persona are so tightly wound that he is now a most Parisian Chinese painter, though he feels strongly that he is first an artist and second, Chinese. With his experience as an eternal immigrant very much at home in the city that is the gem of western aesthetic, he draws on his exposure to Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, yet still questions everything. The result is a worldly playfulness grounded in tradition, yet independent and free from classic artistic trends.

Valeriy Zharkikh's (Moscow, Russia) work is able to grow unconfined by the canons of art history and received wisdom. In fact, his very first picture emerged to help one of his patients regain his zest for life. It was hugely successful, the intense color and light had a very beneficial effect on the patient's condition. Having seen so much of the diverse culture and nature that is part of Russia, he is never lost for subjects, and his years of medical practice have taught him to feel people’s state of mind, which brings a spirituality to his works.

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