mercredi 29 février 2012

Art MISOOLSIDAE, Aain Gallery Fine Arts Switzerland and Art by Actual

     This week, Art Monaco 2012 is happy to present three more of our great exhibitors: Art MISOOLSIDAE, Aain Gallery Fine Arts Switzerland, and Art by Actual.

     Created in 1989, Art MISOOLSIDAE publishes a wide variety of artistic books. Furthermore, Art MISOOLSIDAE is a regular participant in many international art fairs where it promotes contemporary Korean art!

     ‘Aain Gallery Fine Arts Switzerland identifies and supports extraordinary emerging contemporary artists. Specializing in contemporary art from Switzerland, Russia and the Far East, the gallery programs encourage experimentation and expression that challenges the boundaries of traditional artistic genres. Through participation in solo exhibitions and art fairs, the artists of Aain Gallery are given room to develop their practices in view of international attention. Aain Gallery seeks to advance the careers of artists who communicate a message, wrapped in today’s aesthetic concerns, and contribute to an international cultural dialogue.

    Art Actual (Paris, France) is a web art gallery where you can find original and unique works of art on sale directly - Pop art, contemporary art with anthenticity certificates. Arts lovers, collectors, architect, decorator or passionately fond of art, please check out their website as if you were in a gallery and enjoy the tour.

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