samedi 18 février 2012

Art Monaco 2012: Frantic Gallery, Noah's Ark Gallery, and Atelier Terminal

Here we are again, revealing the names of the exhibitors that will take part in our 2012 show! Check out our page twice a week for sneak previews of what awesome art you'll get to see at Art Monaco 2012 from April 5th to April 8th.

Frantic Gallery was founded by Yasunobu Miyazaki in 2007 and was originally named "art project frantic". It searches for young Japanese artists and helps them to present their works worldwide. Frantic shows art that can be grasped in the context of world art history, stays away from fashionable trends or popular culture and welcomes creators with individual views and independent thinking. The gallery strives to present exhibition with strong curatorial approach paying attention to the context of actual/contemporary culture as well as links with the history and tradition. While not being willing to support recent "japonism" or "exoticism”, the gallery insists on personal (subjective) values of its artists.

Atelier Terminal , founded by Anne-Sophie de Verchère, is a friendly place with a garden that allows artists to exhibit monumental works. Furthermore, Atelier Termincal strives to give artists the freedom to create without disturbance while also providing them with opportunities to and meet art lovers and and artists with a common passion!

Noah’s Ark Art Gallery was founded in 1996, by Mosses Zirani Herkelian (PhD) an art critic, antique collector, and journalist. Noah's Ark Gallery focuses on Post Soviet Painting, and has a group of artists from Moscow and Yerevan creating art exclusively for them. In addition the gallery exhibits the works of several artists from other countries.

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