lundi 6 février 2012

Jan Desmarets @ Art Monaco 2012 !

     Art Monaco 2012 is pleased to announce that sculptures by Jan Desmarets will be featured in our upcoming event! The artist's monumental works embody movement and inspire a singular sense of playfulness and contemplation.

     For many people, their first impression on seeing sculptures by Jan Desmarets is lightness, the way in which his pieces appear to float in the air. This is an effect that Desmarets consciously strives to achieve and it fits perfectly with his representation of a sublimated reality and enhanced sense of dynamism. 

     Jan Desmarets (Ypres, 21 January 1961) is a Flemish sculptor. He studied sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. Master Jef Vermassen gives the following description of the artist: He is fascinated by the immense power, intense beauty and lean sensuality of specific animals and people, so he cannot resist using his own intensely powerful ability to express the feelings that are in his soul through his artistic creations and to truly bring them to life.”

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