jeudi 15 mars 2012

Galleria Art Promotion di Rosanna Cotugno, De Ruiter-Hooykaas Fine Art Gallery and Galleria Tondinelli

Hello again from Monaco! Here are one of a kind exhibitors you won't want to miss at Art Monaco 2012: Galleria Art Promotion di Rosanna Cotugno, De Ruiter-Hooykaas Fine Art Gallery and Galleria Tondinelli.

This year, between the 5th and the 8th of April, Galleria Art Promotion di Rosanna Cotugno (Italy) will be presenting two extraordinary projects at the Grimaldi Forum. The first is entitled Ekovespa Project and is made of innovative materials such as a Vespa's body, 150 kg of salmon, 29 kg of redfish, resin, and wood. This particular work represents the imaginary journey of a Vespa Piaggio in the world. Furthermore, it is part of the Organic Trash Art project, which values the organic waste, using it to create works that touch on themes of' eco-sustainability and biodiversity. 

Their second project is entitled Acqua. Made of Plexiglas, this work of art plays with the subtleties of seemingly fragile transparent forms as well as the reflection of light. 


Another exhibitor to keep an eye out for is, Galleria Tondinelli (Rome, Italy). Galleria Tondinelli was founded by Luigi Tondinelli father of Floriana, director of the gallery. Since its inception, the gallery has been dedicated to the promotion of Modern and Contemporary Art in Italy and abroad. In fact, Galleria Tondinelli works with Embassies and Diplomatic Institutes in 15 countries.

Last but not least, De Ruiter-Hooykaas Fine Art Gallery (Dubai / Amst), will also be showing some amazing works of art. Margot De Ruiter-Hooykaas is an internationally renowned artist who dedicates her art to charitable causes for disabled children around the world by her own trust, in memory of her elder sister. Margot’s paintings are expressionist and come directly from the heart in order to preserve directness. Beauty is always sacrificed to expression in the process. At present Margot works from her ateliers in Dubai and Amsterdam. She voluntarily dedicates part of her time to Mawaheb (which means talented in Arabic), an art studio for young adults with special needs.

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