mardi 6 mars 2012

Atelier Claude Morin, Jaapkore Gallery, and The Drang Gallery

Hello again art lovers, check out some of the great the exhibitors that will take part in our 2012 show, from April 5th to April 8th!

In 1986, Claude Morin chose to install his Studio Gallery in Saint Paul de Vence to present his paintings and sculptures. Morin was very drawn to this magical and artistic place where Marc Chagall lived and worked. In recent years, the artist is very happy and proud to welcome his daughter Geraldine to present her works as well.

Jaapkore Gallery (Mexico) has a mission: to strive beyond what art is established nowadays, never enjoying a comfortable current or fashion position, therefore to commit to create and evolve in an artistic direction that finds a balance between contribution to the Arts and the development of a unique style of creation. As a Multimedia company more than a gallery, Jaap finds new creative ways and possibilities to show it's art. As Jaap is more a creative environment than a gallery, it does not represent any artists but Harriet Payer Anderss and Jorge Esquivelzeta, these two being support during concerts or performances by some of the best musicians in Mexico, making Jaap a unique style and creative force.

TheDrang Gallery is a Contemporary Fine Art Gallery based in Padstow, Cornwall, England. On the harbour-side it has a wonderful ambiance and light that helps showcase some of the best work by both local and internationally established Artists; from Anthony Amos and Adam Binder to Damien Hirst and Alastair Gibson, The Drang Gallery has wonderfully eclectic talents on show.

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