mercredi 28 mars 2012



Eyemazing Editions Gallery -- for collectors only! A unique gallery offering limited-edition photographic prints by contemporary artists as published in the Eyemazing magazine. Eyemazing is a new forum for collectors who want to buy high quality, numbered photographs, hand-signed by the artists and carefully selected by Susan A. Zadeh, founder of Eyemazing.

In 1954, Jean Ferrero founded Le Studio Ferrero (Nice, France), a photography studio where he met many artists such as Picasso, Cocteau and Hartung, as well as young artists from Nice then unknown, such as Arman, César, Klein and Ben. In 1972, he opened Galerie Ferrero, which focuses primarily on artists from the School of Nice and New Realism. In 2003, Jean Ferrero handed the gallery over to William Aral, who now follows Galerie Ferrero's original vision while also opening itself to a new generation of artists, mainly from Côte d'Azur. 

Svenska Konstgalleriet was founded in 1974 and puts emphasis is on modern and contemporary art. To this day, Svenska Konstgalleriet has hosted 400 exhibitions with 500 artists from around the world.

Galerie Atelier Odyssée (Pointe-à-Pitre, France) is located in the old center of Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe / French West Indies). The ODYSSEY Workshop was created by two passionate visual artists, Sylvie ADELAIDE (former student of Fine Art in the City of PARIS) and Myriam Mocka CELESTINE (Design), with a view to offer a place of awareness and discussion around the arts and culture. The objective of ODYSSEY is to promote art and culture by offering a permanent exhibition space dedicated to Guadeloupean artists.

...and finally, Galeria Quorum will be showing the amazing work of Luisa Enciso!

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