lundi 26 mars 2012

Artic Blue / 99 Gallery / Art Lounge / Bardzr Arvest Gallery / Pat Bayzand

Artic Blue Gallery (Spain) is an international collection with specific focus on art contemporary, which seeks to showcase artists of different latitudes within the same expressive language. The collaborators are Carl Falck, Mark A. Malcolm and Irina Zonabend. This exciting alliance brings influential collections together from Europe and America with the purpose of introducing them to a global audience.

The objective of 99 - The Gallery is to introduce to Mayfair (London) the unique treasures and inspirational talents of artists from lesser known parts of the world. These artists are established in their home countries but have yet to be truly discovered by the rest of the world. They have the potential to become leading proponents of their movements. 

The Art Lounge (Lisbon, Portugal) is the crossing of two distinct areas. First, the economic vision of the market based on academic and professional knowledge, secondly, the taste through art, national and international, focused mainly on the creativity of the contemporary field of fine arts. Art Lounge provides the support and structure to help artists to make the leap to internationalization.

Bardzr Arvest Fine Art Gallery (Yerevan, Armenia) is an opportunity for visitors to associate with art. Representing artists and showing artworks without limitation of style, period and authors, Bardzr Arvest Fine Art Gallery believes that the perception of art can rendre visible the origin of human freedom .

Pat Bayzand (UK) is a Fine Artist & Printmaker that has obtained a M.A in Fine Art & Printmaking in 2001 at Wimbledon school of Art. In 1996 she completed an M.A in Visual Culture & Fine Art Sculpture at Bath Spa University. In 1994 she also obtained a B.A Hons in Fine art from WSCAD Farnham, Surrey. In 1991 she completed her Art Foundation studies at the Reigate School of Art. Pat continues to investigate work in both the mediums of print and oil paint.

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