mardi 25 octobre 2011

An Original Klimt Soon to be Sold

     Look out: On November 2nd, an original Gustav Klimt painting is going to be sold in New York's Sotheby's Auction House and is expected to go for an estimated minimum of 25 million dollars!
     The painting, entitled "Litzlberg am Attersee", had been stolen by the nazis in 1941 and wound up in the Austria's Museum der Moderne Salzburg for many years. The original owner, Amalie Redlich, had been deported to Poland and was never to be seen again.

     Early in 2011, the painting in question was propelled to the media forefront when the Austrian Museum decided to return the stolen work to the family to which it belonged. George Jorisch, grandson of Amalie Redlich and now official owner of Klimt's painting, is planning on selling the work and donate $1.8 million euros towards the expansion of the museum. Furthermore, the new extension will be named after Amalie Redlich.

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