mardi 18 octobre 2011

New Museums to Open in India

    Interesting news: in the next 4 years, India will have two new major museums!

     The first is scheduled to open in Kolkata sometime in 2014. Named KMoMA (Kolkata Museum of Modern Art), it will house a collection of Indian art dating from the 18th century to the present day. This 552,300 sq. ft. space will also feature a western and far eastern wing. The KMoMA will be funded by a public-private partnership between the Indian government, the government of West Bengal and the corporate sector, giving it a total 82 million dollars in budget.

     The second museum will open its doors in 2015 in Bihar. Built on a 13-acre land, this 80 million dollar project will focus mainly on great figures which have contributed to the Indian and Asian civilization and culture.

This is definitely news worth following!

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