mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Deutsche Bank recognizes Roman Ondák as Artist of the Year

The limit of art is, for some artists, the modus operandi of their practice. The margin becomes the center, so to speak. However, it can sometimes be difficult, even for the most erudite, to adequately judge a work of art or measure the relevance - present and future - of an artist.

Especially when the project merges with simple and the banalities of everyday life. Before you can even evaluate the work ... your first task is to find it! In addition, the problem of aesthetic judgment is not only that of taste, or even the persistent tension between the subjective and the objective. It is also a problem of sensitivity, methodology, context and knowledge.

Now, you may wonder what did Ondák do to receive this prestigious title of Artist of the Year? By exhibiting, at the London Frieze Art Fair, a work entitled Catch. Yes, it is a curtain stuck between two doors.

What do you think?

To see an interview with the artist, click here.

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