vendredi 9 septembre 2011

Get ready... for Art Monaco 2012!

We are pleased to announce that Art Monaco is back in the game and preparing the way for our 2012 exhibition. After two years of success, we aim to outdo ourselves once again and make our main event as well as our parallel activities even better than before. We wouldn't want you to expect anything else from us!

One this year's great improvements to look forward to will be our blogging. For our 2012 return, we will keep you further in the know of what we are up to. We will also inform you of interesting news and events related to contemporary art on a weekly basis.

All in all, we want our blog to do exactly what Art Monaco does best: bring together art lovers of all kinds so as to create a platform for new ideas, partnerships and connections. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blogger and our official website! Also, remember to check out our official press release.

The Art Monaco 2012 Team is truly happy to have you all on board for a new and exciting year!

Talk to you soon,

Matt Sabourin

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